Research and Advisory

Our investment research team provides fundamental research and analysis for corporates and institutional investors. Areas of research vary from specific independent valuations, credit analysis, market sizing studies and feasibility studies. Our research varies across the following:

Macro Research

Capital Markets

Distressed & Credit

Infrastructure & Private Equity

Equities & Fixed Income

Real Assets


Asset Class

We Advise

We advise institutional investors including pension funds on asset class selection and security selection.

We Develop

We develop asset compositions managed dynamically to reflect changing market conditions.

We Design

We design adaptive portfolios that are composed of assets that have the ability to favour growth or preserve value across varying economic and market conditions.

We identify winning strategies for our Investors and are able to provide situational and strategic solutions. Get in touch with us today.


Capital Raising

Our team has experience in undertaking concept/market studies, bankable feasibility studies, financial modelling and engaging project financiers, DFIs, corporates, private equity and debt providers.

Initiatives & Market Making

We participate in capital raising initiatives and market making for projects and businesses in Zimbabwe.


ECM professionals have participated in capital raising across infrastructure, private equity, energy, real estate and distressed assets.


Alternatives Investments Advisory

Sourcing & Valuation

Because the range between the best and worst performance for alternative investment categories such as private equity and infrastructure can be wider than that of traditional assets, the need for well-informed asset selection is paramount.

We assist clients in the execution of alternative investment strategies, including transaction sourcing, customized screening and assessment, detailed due diligence and valuations. We also support our clients by providing post-investment active monitoring of alternative assets.

Our team maintains current views on over five alternative investment asset classes. We identify over- and under-valued markets through proprietary research and a comprehensive understand of the market. These views are often shared in our monthly portfolio strategy research notes and in customised services we offer investors.

Training & Education

We deliver training and education on issues important to each client for identifying, selecting and monitoring alternative investments and managers.

Our training also includes portfolio balancing and managing own alternative investments.

Secondary Transactions

In addition to our deep expertise on primary investments across alternatives. We have developed strong relationships with market players to assist clients in evaluating secondary sales and purchases.

Should you want to dispose or purchase any of your illiquid holdings we are able to assist you in realising a market.